Email Notifications – Sign up form

Features and Options

  • Corporate Branded HTML Emails sent automatically in realtime as new content becomes available
  • Name and Company fields can be removed or set to “Not required”
  • Welcome email after sign up with optional double Opt-in – requiring the user to click a link in the email to verify.
  • Custom endpoint URLs for “Subscribe” and “Unsubscribe” actions
  • All Email lists can be checked by default and hidden by default
  • Customizable email group options
  • Portal for viewing contacts and send/open/click through/bad email metrics for your email updates
  • Use corporate email domain/your own Sendgrid account
  • Tag contacts at sign up – use unique tags for multiple channels (A/B campaign testing)
  • Have your IR team receive an email notice as contacts sign up to receive email updates
WordPress Shortcode Breakdown
In this example, we have custom endpoint URLs set for transferring the user after each action.
sep=”” for subscribe endpoint
uep=”” for unsubscribe endpoint

[b2i_email_optin2 sep="" uep=""]



B2i Data Retention and Usage Policy:

  • B2i does not use client’s data in any way except to fulfill email notifications and to report usage within the IR Office portal.
  • B2i does not share, sell, retain or use for B2i marketing any contact data that we temporarily store for client’s efforts.
  • B2i removes all of client’s contact data once the B2i license is discontinued.
  • B2i stands by data privacy efforts of state and federal laws.